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Life Insurance

Did you know you can protect your family by planning today? We at Kirkpatrick, Jones & Herzog Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you figure out the best financial security for your family. Our company offers an opportunity to select a policy that will guarantee a better life for your family when you are not there.

Term life insurance

In the event of your passing within the specified term, your loved ones will be granted benefits from your life insurance policy. Our company offers a simple life insurance coverage for a specified period. It is the perfect policy for individuals with dependents or that are on a budget.

Universal or Whole life Insurance

This type of insurance offers permanent life insurance benefits and is more flexible for policyholders. A primary feature of these policies is cash accumulation, where you’re earning interest on the money you pay into the policy. Many policies allowing you to borrow against your plan. The death benefits will still be paid out to your beneficiary in the event of your passing.

Benefits of life Insurance.

Regardless of the type of life insurance you obtain:

  • It’s a source of finance to pay back loans such as mortgages, vehicle payments, and other various debts. Also, it covers expenses that accumulated from burial and funeral costs.
  • Extra coverage is vital when your children are still at home. Life insurance provides additional savings for both education and other events in their future such as marriage.
  • Life insurance can be the best inheritance you can pass to your children.
  • You can direct life insurance proceeds to causes or charities you support.

Think about how heartbreaking life would be for your loved ones without any financial security. Reach out to our agents for a quote and learn more about how a life insurance policy can benefit your family and life.

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