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Health Insurance

At Kirkpatrick, Jones & Herzog Insurance Agency, Inc., we are determined to offer the best health insurance options for our clients. Health insurance can be categorized under:

  • Individual and Family Plans
    1. Individual health insurance is paid for by an individual and we have plans on and off the Affordable Care Marketplace. We also offer temporary insurance plans.
  • Group Health Plans
    1. If you own a business, group insurance helps protect your employees and their families as an employee benefit. This is a great way to attract and retain valued employees.

Benefits of Healthcare Insurance

Here are the standard benefits of health insurance:

  • When you have health insurance, your medical expenses are covered by the insurance company. This means that you do not have to incur all the costs out of pocket, allowing you to concentrate on getting well.
  • Tax benefits and safeguards your finances. With all the health expenses covered, your salary and savings remain intact. Paying the insurance premiums can provide predefined tax benefits.
  • Preventative Care Well Care screening and vaccines can be available at no additional cost.

Health insurance is a vital investment because most health issues can’t be predicted. Contact us at Kirkpatrick, Jones & Herzog Insurance Agency, Inc. in Illinois to secure your health. Our agents can address your concerns and help you obtain a quote.

Our Partners:

  • American Modern
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